Understanding What Is SMS

what is SMSThe question “what is SMS?” may have been answered to “what is Short Messaging Service” by telecommunication experts. But there are many more people who need an answer to this question that seek it through the Internet. This is so because SMS is now used not only for communication purposes but also as a tool for marketing.

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SMS is an instant messaging service component of all major phone, Internet, and cell phone networks. It makes use of standardized data communication protocols which enable cell phones to exchange short text message messages across various networks. This is done without the use of phone lines or network modems. An intermediate service would then facilitate a text to voice conversion from one format to another, for instance from binary format to numeric format, to enable the messages to be sent and received. This may also be done with Bluetooth or other modalities like IMAS and MMS.

SMS has a very wide range of applications now-a-days and this is the reason why it has become so popular among mobile phone users. One of the most popular uses of SMS services is for communication purposes. Cell phone users can send a variety of text message applications and share them with their friends and colleagues. If you want to spy on SMS message – check it out.

Marketing experts are also recognizing the value of SMS advertising. Marketers now have a powerful tool to get their messages to their intended audience to make sure that they are reaching the right people. Through sms marketing, marketers are able to reach a much greater number of people than they could possibly do using other traditional channels such as the media or the print media. Marketing through SMS is very cost effective. There is no monthly pay required and hence marketers can save a lot on their advertising budget. It also has the advantage of being time efficient.

Marketing experts also use SMS messaging for customer servicing and keeping in touch with customers. These messages generally contain information such as the products and services offered, special offers, promos, launch dates etc. Some marketers use sms to send out surveys and questionnaires to their customers to get their feedbacks on various products and services. With the help of sms messages, marketers are able to maintain in touch with customers and in case they want to reach them immediately they can do so. This saves time and hence profits.

In addition to all this, many cell phone users also use sms messaging for sending text messages to other cellular networks. This way one is not limited to particular cellular networks when sending texts to others. Since the introduction of internet, texting has become easier and faster. Today, you can send texts from one cellular network to another and hence this has become very convenient. Moreover, since most cellular networks have jargons which are easily readable by people, one need not think of writing the desired message in a foreign language.

Another major advantage of using SMS is that multimedia messaging service helps in spreading awareness about a particular cause. For instance, you may have read about a certain natural disaster in your country or there is floods in your city and you may be worried about what is happening. Through sms message, you can let others know about the situation and how people in that area are dealing with it. This way you help in providing aid and assistance to the people affected by such natural disasters.

One of the advantages of SMS is the use of two factor authentication. With the help of two factor authentication wherein the sender of the text messages needs to verify the phone belonging to the receiver; this helps prevent the phone being used for fraudulent activities. Also, through the text messages one can let others know that he is in an emergency situation and needs urgent assistance. This is the reason why sms messaging is used mostly for communication purposes and not only on a cell phone.

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