How to increase Instagram engagement

Instagram is a photo sharing social network with around 500 million monthly users and 300 million daily active users. When it comes to digital marketing, many companies tend to overlook the option of Instagram and mainly focus only Facebook and Twitter. But your marketing strategy is lacking something if you are ignoring a platform with so many users. If you think, it’s all about pictures, then rethink your strategy.

Someone said: “Photos speak better than Words”. Yes, a photo can deliver a message across just instantly.

Instagram is continually growing (almost as popular as Whatsapp app) as a must-have social media strategy for your business and for this reason, we’ve come up with this article about ways and means to increase your engagement in Instagram and take your business to the next level.

Develop a Good Audience

Some people think the audience is just the numbers and go for cheaper options by buying low level Fiverr followers or by any other means finding unrelated followers, the audience is not about the numbers, but it is about the engagement and trust placed on your brand or yourself. A good follower is that one who has seen your profile based on some friend’s suggestion or through search engines and got interested in your account. Who is also willing to share your posts to his friends and families accounts. You can read our long-ass article how to get free Instagram followers.

Instead of spending money, you can spend a little of your time to analyze the niche your brand belongs to and start analyzing your competitors and their posts and see which of their posts gets high engagement and try to replicate the same kind of posts. If you are a travel photographer, post some unimaginable or weird photo that is new and bring the curiousness to oneself.

Be Consistent

It is not really necessary to post 20 posts a day, even 2-3 posts would be enough. If you think you can post 5 posts per day, fine, but one thing is you need to maintain consistency. If you post 5 posts today, make sure you do the same daily, not 5 today, 3 tomorrow and 1 the next day. People appreciate consistency and will know that you are dedicated and will respect your posts.


Post Videos Too

Posting videos are a sure trick to attract your customers to a great extent. But make sure that you don’t post a lot, but keep it short and simple 15-second videos. These short videos can add a lot to your photo posts and keep your audience engaged all the time

Keep your Fans Involved

Your audience will be happy to endorse your brand happily if you do a small favor, a simple thank you or a simple recognition in your post. This will surely make your followers engaged with your brand in a great way and also can play a great role in endorsing your brand with their followers.

Organize Contests

Organizing contests and events regularly can keep your audience engaged in a great way. Provide deals or offers for a short time and keep them reminding that the contest date is closing on, asking them to participate quickly or saying that they will be missing something.

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