How Can Malicious Apps Return In Google Play? Security Tips For Smartphones

Malicious Apps Return in Google PlayMalicious apps are a major concern for many Android users. Hackers have been using malicious apps to gain access to and collect confidential information from android devices. This information has been used to conduct illegal activities such as identity theft, financial frauds, phishing, and many other illicit activities. In order to avoid the risk of malicious codes or apps being installed on your device, here are some tips that can help you stay away from the danger.

Stay Updated.

If you are an Android user, it is important that you keep your device updated all the time. However, you should not rely just on your phone’s clock. You should also perform updates on the internet and update your apps as well. By doing so, you will be able to make sure that your device is protected from malicious codes and malware. This will further increase your security level.

Stay Away From Free Apps

Most of the apps that you get for free from the android market are considered freemium. They are low in terms of productivity and functionality. As a result, users do not expect much from them. When you look at the apps that charge money, you will find some superior products. Even if they cost money, they are more productive because they have a lot of functionalities and features.

Stay Away From Shared Apps.

Many mobile devices are now running on Android engine. This means that most of your apps can share the same database, which can become vulnerable to spyware and malware. For example, if you download a bunch of apps from the supermarket, you may find that your device will crash frequently. This is caused by the sharing of app data between several programs. So, whenever you use the supermarket app, your other apps will be affected as well. When you remove such apps, the crashes will disappear as well.

Don’t Download Apps From Unknown Sources.

The Android ecosystem is filled with so many sources of applications. In fact, you can install any app that you want provided that it is developed by a reputable company. However, there is still no guarantee that you can trust the source of an app. When you download an app from an unknown source, you are opening your device to possible malware and spyware. Malicious apps that are downloaded from the internet have a tendency to install malware onto your phone.

Get Rid Of Empty Recycles.

When you use an app that consumes a lot of memory, it will take up the space that you have left for other applications. This is why you should always have a good usage plan for android devices. You shouldn’t let apps consume all your storage space. This is one of the reasons why malicious apps can come back in Google Play.

Remove Application Pop-Up.

There are some cases where a developer has added a lot of features in their apps that look legitimate but are actually harmful. If you install these apps, they will automatically show up in your installed applications list. Moreover, if you don’t uninstall them, they can consume much of your memory. So, always remember to delete all pop-up applications to improve your device performance.

Use Only The Best Software.

You need to check the list of available features before downloading an app. Make sure that the software doesn’t have any feature that can be used to spy on your user. You can find many android security tools on the internet. While downloading an app, you should also make sure that it is safe. Just because an app is free doesn’t mean it is 100% safe. There are so many malicious apps lurking in the internet.

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