What is a hashtag and how to research hashtags on Instagram

So what is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word that comes preceded by a hash symbol (#) and is used within a message to enable others to identify or relate to the subject on which the message refers to. People can also search messages based on hashtags. It also helps the social media channels to easily index the messages.

Why hashtagging is so important?

Hashtagging is a great way in aggregating your images and also take your content to the next level. Appropriate tagging by associating your content with trending topics will help in having your content across a larger audience. Apart from tagging your content, your brand also needs a unique hashtag. Most of the companies use their company name or brand name as their hashtag. If your company is Sheldon Resorts, then your hashtag should be #sheldonresorts, not #sresorts or #sheldons etc., your hashtag should say a lot about yourself.

It is being said that messages that use hashtags have a chance of gaining 12%-13% of more engagement than messages without hashtags. Hashtags are really powerful when it comes to social media as they can assist you in taking your messages to a wider audience and also increase your followers along with creating more engagement with your followers.

How to research hashtags on Instagram?

Even though using of hashtags is a sure way of success in reaching your posts to a large audience, it is important that your posts reach the users who are really interested in what you offer. Hence, it is important for you to research on the best hashtags that perform well in Instagram and use those hashtags in your posts. Hashtag research is not an easy task as it needs patience and that is why you don’t see many not using these hashtags or using some irrelevant hashtags in their posts.

Instagram’s Search Functionality

When you need any information you automatically Google it to find all the required information. And similarly one of the easiest ways to find the relevant hashtags is to use the built-in search functionality present on Instagram. And if you are new to creating hashtags for Instagram, then this could be the best place to start with. If your niche is about “pet foods”, then just type “pet food” in the search window and you can see a lot of tags related to pet foods and the number of posts associated with that tag.

Use the Right Tools

Even though the search functionality is a good place to start with, you can also check out some of the hashtag research tools that would give you a quick peek at the related hashtags. When it comes to Hashtag research, HashAtlt is one the most popular hashtag search utility that will help you out in searching for the best hashtags related to your niche. Some other popular tools include HashTracking, Keyhole and NUVI. You can also check related Quora question for more tools.

And one final word on Hashtag research is that it doesn’t end with the hashtag research as it is more important on how you use these hashtags in your posts.

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