Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes: Working Methods

With an ever-growing active user base of 900 million, Instagram continues to be a social media power-force to reckon with. However, to make the most of Instagram in your social and brand exposure exploits, you need followers and likes. Your Instagram account won’t amount to much if you don’t have a massive list of followers and likes. And most of us definitely look for free Instagram followers, not paid ones.

Why do you need thousands of Instagram followers?

For a start, a huge following means people are interested in what you post, whether you are a professional photographer, an Internet celebrity, a company, or just an individual actively building your personal brand. It means you are an influencer capable of passing a marketing message to thousands of people several times a day. You deserve to be rewarded for your efforts too.

There are many benefits of having a massive following on Instagram.

Here are just a few of these benefits:

Increased account activity
An Instagram account with a massive list of real followers has an increased activity level. Your account will enjoy higher engagement with users resulting in more follows from those who follow your followers, more likes to your posts or pictures, more comments, and more clicks to your website or offers. If you are a marketer, a higher account activity level will yield higher conversions and revenue.

Brand exposure and growth
A person, company, or brand with a huge following on Instagram benefits from increased exposure and the ability to grow their online presence. The larger your following is the more you get noticed and the more exposure your activities, services, or products get. A person with a large following on Instagram is a highly sought after asset. A huge number of followers means people value your opinion and there are numerous companies willing to pay you just to share their marketing messages to your followers.

Who doesn’t want to become famous? Fame brings happiness, self-gratification, and confidence. We cannot all be celebrities in the offline world but on Instagram, anyone can become a celebrity by building a huge number of followers. Your friends, family, and colleagues with start treating you with more respect when you become a social influencer with thousands of followers on Instagram. Best of all, you stand to make a lot of money from your account and enjoy the good things that life has to offer.

So how do you build a huge number of followers on Instagram to enjoy these benefits?

Let’s look at a few methods of growing your Instagram followers!

Method 1: Using Online Tools and Their Free Trial

Online tools provide the fastest and easiest way of growing your Instagram account. These are paid online-based social panels that help grow your Instagram fans to thousands almost instantly. But here is the trick to use them for free – such panels usually have free trials. So anybody can test their service. All you have to do is visit the site where the free trial tool is hosted, fill out a form, indicate the number of followers you desire to add to your account, and press a button to get the followers. You can request any number of followers from a couple of hundreds to tens of thousands.

One of the popular online Instagram tools is InstaFans. It’s very easy to use – simply insert your username on the form provided and the number of followers you want. They won’t ask for your Instagram password for security’s sake. InstaFans relies on data from Instagram itself to get you followers. It works fast too – the entire process of getting thousands of followers and likes takes less than a minute.
Use free trial from Instafans

Online tools are quite fast in getting you followers but the downside is that they have an anti-bot system that’s designed to prevent system abuse. Users are often asked to install a free (ad?) app to prove that they are humans and not automated systems.

Pros and Cons of Online Tools Free Trial


  • It is free. You are not charged to use the tool
  • It delivers your chosen number of followers instantly
  • It does not ask for your Instagram password. All you need to enter in the form is your username and the number of followers you desire to have


  • It often has an anti-bot system that will request you to install an app to get followers.
  • It sometimes fails to provide the exact number of followers you asked for.
Method 2: Follow People with #followback or #followforfollow Hashtags

You can also grow your Instagram followers simply by following other people using the hashtags #followback or #followforfollow. This is an easy way to gain followers fast. Hashtags can also be used to extend the reach of your posts. People searching for specific hashtags will discover your images and possibly follow you for more engagement.


The problem with #followback or #followforfollow hashtags is that tons of people are already using them and they’ll often give you general followers only interested in getting more followers.

Pros and Cons of Using #followback hashtags


  • It is an extremely simple way of getting followers
  • It works very fast


  • Most of the users who follow you via this method will not be of much use since they are only interested in followback
Method 3: Manually Following or Liking People’s Images

You can also follow or like accounts in your specific Instagram niche to get people to follow back. This is one of the oldest methods that’s also popularly used in other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You’ve probably seen people you never knew following you on Instagram even though you don’t have an impressive account with lots of attractive content. It’s not that these followers are interested in your images or content but they simply want to increase their number of followers.

You too can apply the same strategy and follow or like other Instagram accounts in your niche to grow your following. This is done by following random accounts with the hope that they’ll follow back, which they often do. However, you must make sure that you don’t exceed Instagram’s follow limit or you may be mistaken for a bot and have your account banned. Stay within the limit and do it as naturally as possible and you’ll never run into a problem with IG.

Use this “follow + double likes” trick: follow a person, then like his posts two-three times. There are more chances this guy will follow you back after this combo.

Pros and Cons of Manually Following Accounts


  • It is an effective and safe way of increasing your followers, and getting free Instagram likes from relevant to your niche audience
  • You can choose to selectively follow accounts in your niche only


  • It is a slow and tedious process
  • You have to stay within IG’s follow limit or risk account ban
Method 4: Automatic Following with Special Software for Social Media Marketing

This method involves the use of special software or bots designed to grow your Instagram account. The bots help you to gain totally free Instagram followers and likes by automatically liking, commenting, and following or unfollowing other users based on specific parameters you had initially set up such as hashtags and keywords. You can gain hundreds of followers hands-free using these bots.

There are many Instagram bots available on the market today including FollowLiker,, InstaMacro, InstaDub, Jarvee and just to mention a few. Jarvee is one of the most popular Instagram software. It is a powerful PC application that is not likely to be detected by Instagram if used correctly. It has plenty of other useful features it supports (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr automation) and great customer support too.

Most of these bots allow you to create multiple accounts and grow them automatically. You could end up with five accounts with thousands of followers within a few weeks. The biggest disadvantage with the bots is the fact that Instagram is always updating and improving its security system. Several bots were shut down in 2017. It is becoming increasingly difficult to game IG today. From the first look of things, the botting era in Instagram seems to be on its last days, but may be we are wrong?

The other downside with botting is the cost involved. The majority of the best and safest bots around cost you no less than $20/month. Keep in mind that you will pay and use the bot at the risk of getting your IG account suspended or banned.

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Pros and Cons of Running Special Software


  • Bots provide an effective automatic way of growing your Instagram account
  • They give you the ability to scale up your account growth
  • You can run and grow multiple accounts on software


  • They are expensive, no less than $20 per month, though some of them have 1 week of a free trial
  • They are risky since you’ll be trying to game IG’s security algorithm every time you run your account in the bots


That’s all, folks! If you need translated versions of this article for some reason, you can find them on our Medium.

Good luck and keep you Instagram account alive and safe.

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