How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards (Legit Working Methods)

What’s up, guys. I suppose if you are reading this then you probably tried those free Amazon gift cards generators and did not get any luck. Yes, most of them don’t work at all, maybe some of such websites can provide you a few codes but I have not faced such online tools yet.

Okay, in this article I will observe only legit and working methods which can bring you real free gift cards after some little efforts.

how to get free amazon gift cards

Let’s start. All of these ways require at least some efforts from your side – in almost all cases these are easy tasks, like reposting a page or something like that.

1. Rewards sites and “Get Paid To” websites.

The name says for itself, you get rewarded for some simple tasks like signing up, liking or watching a video or liking a page.

The most famous sites from this category:

  • MyPoints. This website rewards for watching videos, participating in polls or even doing some online purchases from their affiliate partners.
  • Swagbucks. Swagbucks is highly known among youngsters who want to get a few free Steam or Amazon Gift Cards. This site also pays for making surveys. It is one of the most popular GTP sites and from their info, they already paid around 150$ mln for the time of their work. The one huge plus of Swagbucks is their app. So you can make their tasks and get rewarded in any place.
  • Mechanical Turk from Amazon. mTurk is a crowdsourcing site. That means you can get Amazon’s gift cards for doing some crowdsourcing tasks. Some my friends earn up to 20$ per day working on mTurk. So if you are having lack of money and can’t get a normal job – give it a try.

Check this mTurk set-up guide:


2. Participating in Market Research polls.

This is simple. You are getting rewarded for your opinion.

Here is a couple of popular market research sites.

  • Opinion Outpost. Complete market research surveys and get paid with Amazon Gift Cards or Paypal
  • Valued Opinions. Yet one website in this category and probably the most popular one.


These two methods are the ways to get free Amazon Gift Cards without any initial investment. So you can start earning then right from scratch.

But I can add some passive methods when you are getting rewarded for some actions like simple shopping or searching the web.


If you are a hardcore shopper you definitely should participate in Amazon Rewards program. Get a Chase Amazon Visa Card and earn 1%-3$% rewards on your almost all Amazon purchases.

Amazon Trade-In

Well, if you have a lot of unused electronics in your house – congrats, you can easily exchange all this stuff to Amazon Gift Cards. Simply register on Amazon Trade-In page and get started to get profit for your old laptops, printers or CD players.

Other passive rewards methods

If you are a Chrome user you can get paid by helping Google to improve their products. Proceed to Google Screenwise, set up this tool on your Chrome browser and start getting your rewards.

Another one is Bing Rewards. Use Bing’s search and recieve your cards for it.


I hope you know how to redeem your Amazon Gift Cards.

Just go to your Amazon’s Rewards section and use your code there.

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