Best SMS spy apps for iPhone

The effective monitoring and regulation of digital platforms used by children have become extremely crucial in modern times because of the rising cases of data theft, fraud, cyber-bullying, and other forms of digital manipulation. This is why there are a number of app developers who have come up with efficient monitoring tools and apps to provide complete solutions to your digital concerns. As a parent, it is vital that you keep a tab on the digital activity of your child so that you can have necessary safeguards against cyber-bullying and other forms of manipulation.

One of the good things about the SMS spy app for iPhones is the fact that you have a bunch of apps now that provide you satisfactory results and good solutions to counter digital bullying. The key lies in choosing the right spy app that ticks all the boxes in terms of ease of usage, efficiency, features, customer support, and optimization. You can look around to compare the different spying apps and eventually choose the one that best suits your requirements through informed decision making.

Documenting the different spy apps for iOS

There are so many productive apps on the app store, and combing through that list to find the ideal app for your spying requirements can be a complex task. This is why we have gone through the different apps and come up with a short list of the best spying apps available for the iPhone.


The XNSPY is largely considered the best app for spying for iPhones in 2020. What you get with this app is high reliability, advanced features, efficient functionality, and seamless compatibility with your device. You get a whole bunch of features with this app; from the basic functionality to the advanced features, this app has got you covered. With this app, you can monitor the basic apps such as calling and SMS, ranging to the more advanced categories and features. There are two versions of this app on the market, namely: basic and premium. These packages are available in different time duration packages of monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions.


The FlexiSpy is a top app for monitoring iPhone devices, and it comes with a plethora of good features to provide you with a comprehensive solution to your monitoring needs. You get basic features of monitoring, such as remote capturing of video and photo and the call recording. The app also provides the ability to spy on SMS and other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, and Facebook, to name a few. This app is compatible with the iOS versions of 9.1 to 11.4.1.

One important thing worth noting here is that you need physical access to the phone for the installation of the app on the device. Also, the app is installed on the phone in tethered mode, which means it needs to be restarted after installation for it to start functioning and provide the necessary features of monitoring.

Besides this, some of the other top SMS spying apps for iPhone include mSpy, Spyzie, Highster Mobile, and SpyEra, amongst others.

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